Pick Up Lines for Lesbian Dating - Pleasure Guides by Together Vibes

"That lipstick you’re wearing would look great on me" - Pick Up Lines for Lesbian Dating

Pick Up Lines for Lesbian Dating - Pleasure Guides by Together Vibes

“I’d love to invest in a riding lawnmower, to eat my grass.”

If someone walked up to you and said that, you would probably think they were a few fescue blades short of a lawn, and you’d probably be right. At first, it doesn’t make any sense, but once you figure out where they were likely going with it, it sounds dangerous and a bit creepy. And thus, we have entered the first rule of lesbian pick-up lines: they have to make sense. Seriously, if you think you just saw the love of your life (or at least the love of your next few hours) you’re going to want to charm them, not confuse the hell out of them. 

Lesbian pick-up lines are a way of chatting people up when you want to get to know them sexually or romantically. They can be as simple as introducing yourself or you can attempt humor by sexualizing yard work machinery. To each her own, but like literally everything else, there are ways to do this that are more successful, and ways that might ensure you go home smelling like Eau de Half-off-for-happy-hour-cocktail. 

Here’s the thing: Picking up women is pretty straightforward. Even before you go with your best lesbian pick-up lines, consider your overall approach. First, make sure she’s a lesbian. By going to lesbian and LGBTQ+ spaces, you can be confident that people you meet are in the life, and if not, they at least understand that they have entered a space where it would be a fair assumption. If you are not in a lesbian or LGBTQ+ space, find ways to safely disclose your palpable penchant for the poon. If she’s not into it, she’ll find a way to disappear faster than women’s reproductive rights in Texas. If they stick around, find out if they are single and if what they are looking for is in alignment with what you want.

Keep your cool, fool.

Be flirty, but not creepy. There are some simple but basic lesbian pick-up lines that include an introduction of yourself and some kind of request about your (soon-to-be) companion, like what they are drinking or if they frequent the establishment. You can also choose to go the cutesy-but-cheeky route. This requires a bit more confidence and a sense of humor. Sometimes the cheesier pick-up lines work, but only when you are intentionally ironic. Otherwise, you will seem full of queso and not worth the dip on your chip. But let’s say you do choose a goofy lesbian pick-up line. Anything that highlights your interest in them but without pressure is probably a good direction to head in. Some light teasing can be good, but make sure you aren’t actually making fun of them. It’s a good idea to have a game plan. You can drop cute one-liners all night, but are you a closer?

For example, how about asking them where they got that cute hat/scarf/top? Or maybe you’ve been chatting for a bit and you know you’re super into them. Maybe ask them how to do the thing you find interesting. (“Oh, I love that you’re into photography. I used to dabble but I’m not very good. Would you be up for giving me a few tips one day?”) 

Since the real secret weapon for successful lesbian pick-up lines is authenticity, you might even try asking them how their day is, or how THEY are and actually listen. Anything with double entendres regarding sexual positions or body parts should just be cast off into the void that so graciously also encompassed Kanye West’s political aspirations and the Joe Exotic fan club. The real takeaway here is that lesbian pick-up lines are an art form, and sure you have to practice to get your technique down, but this is not a skill you want to display before it’s ready. Study your craft, pay attention to how the greats execute, but most importantly, relax. Being authentically you is the best way to shoot your shot.