Together Vibes - Love At A Distance: How to use remote-controlled vibrators during sex

Love At A Distance: How to use remote-controlled vibrators during sex

Together Vibes - Love At A Distance: How to use remote-controlled vibrators during sex

If you’ve been on social media for longer than 15 minutes at any point since March of 2020, you’d know that there is no shortage of information on ways to combat depression, loneliness, and boredom. The number one solution for the trifecta has been sex and masturbation… as if we’ve ever needed a reason. But when you’ve had hordes of time, and boredom sends your imagination surging, you have to keep digging for ways to keep up the spice. In the same recency, we’ve seen an explosion (pun intended) of remote-controlled sex toys and they have yet to disappoint. From down the hall to across the globe, the world of teledildonics is sending waves through the air and straight to your vulva. Let’s talk about it.

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Some remote-controlled sex toys are meant to be used from across the room, while others have apps that allow them to be controlled from anywhere. They can sometimes sync with music, books, or video games. The more common usage, however, is with solo or partnered play. The toy is meant to be inserted into the vagina or panties while someone triggers the remote.

Some remote-controlled sex toys are as simple to use as charging up and then pressing the button, while the long-distance versions require setting up and connecting to an app via the internet.

There are several kinds of remote-controlled sex toys. For people with penises, there are sleeve masturbators. For butt play, remote-controlled vibrating butt plugs are a thing, and for folks with vulvas, the options really open up. There are vibrators meant to stimulate the g-spot and the clitoris, while others are meant to be inserted for a deeper vibration. Still, others are designed as suckers to be placed over the clit to mimic oral sex.

Once you’ve chosen the kind of vibe you want, read the reviews. Make sure it’s quiet and will stay exactly where you put it. No one wants their bullet slipping out as they cross a major thoroughfare. Test it out at home. Try jogging in place, or turning it to its highest setting while in another room. The more you test, the less likely you are to have an embarrassing mishap. Using a remote-controlled sex toy in public can be tricky so you want to prepare yourself as best as possible.


The thing about using a remote-controlled sex toy in public is that, while the element of surprise is removed, there are a plethora of new sensations. Sure you’ve had a vibe on your clit, but have you ever had one on your clit in the middle of the frozen section? And, even better, the toy doesn’t have to be limited to your genitalia. You’re free to slide it across your nipples at any time. How discreet you choose to be is up to you, because who hasn’t “plucked a hair off their shirt”?

Another great thing about solo play is that you can choose to be sitting, standing, or walking, allowing the sensation to be amplified (or not) by your movements. So feel free to crank that baby up at the gym or on the train. Who’s going to know?


Using a remote-controlled sex toy with a partner is all fun and games. Besides the obvious element of surprise, there isn’t a partner alive who won’t feel a sense of mischief as they watch your face when they press the button. That cheekiness makes for amazing foreplay, even as your orgasm builds throughout your interaction. Have your partner try the varying intensities and pulse patterns, making different combinations. You can even play a game by finding a setting you like that isn’t too intense, and let it build to orgasm without alerting the people around you that you’re not just choosing the best avocado, but having a mind-blowing experience. Cleanup on aisle 4! (Hopefully not.)


We’ve already touched on this but there are definitely some steps you want to take before going out with your vibe. First and foremost, if you are playing with a partner, you have to have the consent conversation. Just because your partner has agreed to wearing or controlling the toy, does not mean they agree to all locations or situations so it’s best to have that conversation to make sure you're on the same page.

Next, you want to test your toy. Never go out with a toy you’ve never used. Aside from checking for fit and noise level, it makes sense to test range, intensity, and how you function with it over a long period of time. 

Also, you’ll want to use lube. Having a foreign object in your body can have an adverse effect. Something as simple as dryness is easy to mitigate, and lube is a sex toy’s bestie anyway so make it a priority.

There are so many sensations to explore, and remote-controlled sex toys will help you on your journey. Finding one that is pleasurable is the first step and the Together Couples' Vibrator with Remote Control is ideal for in-house play for couples just starting out on their remote journey. With 3 motors, 5 speeds, and the first-of-its-kind Echo Function, this is a great introduction to couple’s remote play. Have fun with it and get creative using playlists, foods, or even while watching a sexy thriller. You can do any of these partnered or solo… why not try both?