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Pleasure in a Pandemic, Getting Off in Self-Isolation  - Pleasure Guides by Together™

Pleasure in a Pandemic — Getting Off in Self-Isolation 

The COVID-19 global pandemic has put a major damper on couples’ date nights, and if you’re single — meeting new potential partners while on a night out or on vacation is now off-limits. The good news is that pleasure in a pandemic is still very much within reach. Getting off in self-isolation whether you’re completely solo or quarantining with a partner can be an opportunity to experiment with new ways to please yourself or each other — and it’s especially fun when you can do it together (our personal favorite.)

Why Together™ Is the #1 Kegel Vibrator - Pleasure Guide by Together™

Why Together™ Is the #1 Kegel Vibrator 

Strengthening your pelvic floor by doing kegel exercises has plenty of benefits — including some pleasurable ones — and it’s easier than you than you might think to do them. No gym required!
How To Use a Double-Ended Vibrator - Pleasure Guide by Together™

How To Use a Double-Ended Vibrator

A double-ended vibrator is a great way for two partners to enjoy the pleasure of deep rumbling penetration. Just think about it — double the penetration and double the vibration — it’s a win-win! Designed for couples, a double-ended vibrator could also be used to turn up the excitement during solo play as well.

Using the Together™ Couples' Vibrator for anal play

Using the Together™ Couples' Vibrator for Anal Play

If you think that the Together™ Couples' Vibrator is only good for dual-stimulation for two female bodies, then you couldn’t be more wrong. If you and your partner — regardless of gender — have ever been curious about booty play, then using the Together™ Couples' Vibrator for anal play is the perfect way to experience it together.
Together™ Pleasure Guides: Everything you need to know about solo & mutual masturbation

Everything You Need To Know About Solo & Mutual Masturbation

You’ll often hear jokes about masturbation and the assumption that you’re somehow lacking by exploring sex alone. This couldn’t be further from the truth because great sex actually starts with how well you know your body!
Together™ Pleasure Guides: How to have the hottest staycation sex

How To Have The Hottest Staycation Sex

You no longer have to leave your house to go on a sexy vacation. Yup, it’s possible to have the hottest staycation sex right at home with a few tips that are sure to transport you to an exotic location — mentally, and in some ways even physically.
Together™ Pleasure Guides: The complete guide to having sex in a bathtub

The Complete Guide to Having Sex in a Bathtub

The Complete Guide to Having Sex in a Bathtub that we’ve put together is intended to give you ideas to consider, in order to make your experience feel as seamless as bathtub sex looks like in the movies.
Together™ Pleasure Guides: Breaking down the technological breakthrough, the Echo Function.

Breaking Down the Technological Breakthrough, The Echo Function

The Echo Function was designed to allow users to enjoy intimate, personal pleasure at its maximum potential. The strength of this function is measured by the engagement of the partner and vise versa. We believe this to be a huge advancement in the pleasure products industry as there are no other items that harness this technology.