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Together Vibes Blog - Lesbian Pride - How to make pride yours

Lesbian Pride - How to make pride yours

Every year we get flooded with the rainbows that used to be a signal for solidarity. Now, it’s just a corporate brand-aid for the harm done during the other eleven months as the LGBTQIA+ community gets ignored or worse, condemned. (Nope, not referencing a chicken restaurant at all… or a bank who may or may not have just donated to an unnamed governor who doesn’t even want us to say who we are out loud.) But lost in the sauce of homophobia is a more specific issue - lesbian erasure, especially during lesbian pride. Women who love women have been busting their lovely lady lumps for the evolution of the revolution since the jump… and yet no one knows who Stormé is but you’re going to learn today.
Together Vibes - IUI to IVF: Family planning as a lesbian couple

IUI for Lesbian Couples

Any couple knows that family planning is one of the most exciting, yet daunting, experiences you can go through – and that’s when there are zero complications. If there are any fertility issues, you have to involve more than just your OB/GYN and it starts to get incredibly expensive. Add to that, the amount of red tape you have to get through is so overwhelming many give up or are simply not able to comply. And if you have never had legislation passed or denied about your body or what you do with it, consider yourself privileged. The journey of multiplying your household can be a nightmare for some and a beautiful story for others, and knowing what to expect is the best foundation. IVF or IUI for lesbian couples is a specific journey that needs more attention, better wording, and less paperwork. Let’s get into it.
Together Vibes - Love At A Distance: How to use remote-controlled vibrators during sex

Love At A Distance: How to use remote-controlled vibrators during sex

When you’ve had hordes of time, and boredom sends your imagination surging, you have to keep digging for ways to keep up the spice. In the same recency, we’ve seen an explosion (pun intended) of remote-controlled sex toys and they have yet to disappoint. From down the hall to across the globe, the world of teledildonics is sending waves through the air and straight to your vulva. Let’s talk about it.
The Best Lesbian and Trans characters in Cinema and Movies - Pleasure Guide by Together Vibes

The Best Lesbian and Trans Characters in Cinema and Movies

Let’s face it. Most portrayals of women loving women are done for the male gaze and unfortunately, these depictions fall short of who these characters could be and what their lives would be like if they were real people. Sure, it’s “just for entertainment”, but we all connect with the characters with whom we see a reflection of ourselves. It would make sense, then, that women who love women, trans women, and the overlap thereof see accurate representations of themselves. Outside of Hollywood magic, what characters do we actually like? Are they relatable? Realistic? And why? We’ve lined up a few of our favorite characters who do more than play the comic relief, show a little skin and offer some representation.
What does it mean to be a female exhibitionist? - Pleasure Guide, a blog by Together Vibes

What does it mean to be a female exhibitionist?

So, you like the tawdry thrill of teasing a tinge of cheeky teat? You’re not alone. Female exhibitionism is a thing and its roots go back further than you think. Whether you like to tease your partner, or simply feel the sun where it doesn’t normally shine, female exhibitionism has a lane for you.

Trans Lesbian Sex 101 - Sex Tips for Transexual Sex - Pleasure Guide by Together Vibes

Trans Lesbian Sex 101

Trans identities are on a spectrum. Beyond MTF and FTM, they can identify as he, she, they, neither, both, or nonbinary. And it can be situational. Not all trans folks have dysmorphia or are interested in changing parts of their bodies. Not all have or even want surgeries. Whatever is happening between their legs isn’t your business until they say so, so don’t make assumptions about what is or isn’t, or how the trans person in your life should be touched in an intimate setting. 

Sexual Aftercare: De-briefing after Debriefing - Pleasure Guides by Together Vibes

Sexual Aftercare: De-briefing after Debriefing

Sex aftercare is often overlooked but it is probably the single one thing that can turn good sex into great sex. Why? Because no one likes to be left standing at the edge of a cliff. It’s like taking that long satisfying walk back down the mountain after being enchanted by a lovely view. Not having sex aftercare is closer to having to climb down the cliff without the proper gear. You might be okay, but like, why do that if you don’t have to?

The Best Sex Positions for Lesbians - Pleasure Guides by TogetherVibes

The Best Sex Positions for Lesbians

Most people assume that sex between women is intuitive, and it can be. But it can also get super repetitive. If you are just starting out, maybe you think you know what’s up, but once you get going, you may need a little help. In both of these cases, knowing a few go-to positions and having a chat with your partner ensure things will go smoothly. In this article, we will be going over a few tried and true lesbian sex positions that are guaranteed to bring you to the big O.

Going on your first lesbian date - Pleasure Guide by Together Vibes

Going On Your First Lesbian Date

First things first, choose a place to go. In general, anywhere that is a hetero haven is probably not the vibe for a first lesbian date. A queer or lesbian bar is more ideal since the last thing lesbians want to be around is a bunch of cishet men. If this person is a new addition to your life, it may relieve some of the pressure to have an event that you can share. 
You’ve heard of the G-Spot, what about the A-Spot? - Pleasure Guide by Together Vibes

You’ve heard of the G-Spot, what about the A-Spot?

So, you know about the C-spot. It’s the clitoris. And you know about the G-spot. It’s the somewhat mythical area that is supposedly the secret to great sex and mind-blowing orgasms… if you can find it. If it exists. And then there’s the A-spot. Sadly, not enough people know about this, but if you have a vulva, you have an A-spot. You may not know where it is, and you may not be able to prove it medically, but it’s there.
Are You A Scissoring Sister? Learn how to Scissor "Any Which Way" - Pleasure Guide by Together Vibes

Are You A Scissoring Sister? Learn how to Scissor "Any Which Way".

There’s no doubt that any conversation around scissoring is going to include some bewilderment. Some people think it’s a myth and those that have dispelled that myth for themselves are exasperated that someone could be missing out on what could be the best orgasm of their life. 
Pick Up Lines for Lesbian Dating - Pleasure Guides by Together Vibes

"That lipstick you’re wearing would look great on me" - Pick Up Lines for Lesbian Dating

Lesbian pick-up lines are a way of chatting people up when you want to get to know them sexually or romantically. They can be as simple as introducing yourself or you can attempt humor by sexualizing yard work machinery. To each her own, but like literally everything else, there are ways to do this that are more successful, and ways that might ensure you go home smelling like Eau de Half-off-for-happy-hour-cocktail.