You’ve heard of the G-Spot, what about the A-Spot? - Pleasure Guide by Together Vibes

You’ve heard of the G-Spot, what about the A-Spot?

You’ve heard of the G-Spot, what about the A-Spot? - Pleasure Guide by Together Vibes

Meet Me at Your New Favorite Spot

So, you know about the C-spot. It’s the clitoris. And you know about the G-spot. It’s the somewhat mythical area that is supposedly the secret to great sex and mind-blowing orgasms… if you can find it. If it exists. And then there’s the A-spot. Sadly, not enough people know about this, but if you have a vulva, you have an A-spot. You may not know where it is, and you may not be able to prove it medically, but it’s there. 

What is the A-Spot?

The A-spot is the short name for the Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone and is commonly also referred to as the AFE zone. To find it, make a right at the second erogenous zone and go straight on til morning. Kidding, but it IS something like that. It’s located about 4-5 inches deep in the vaginal canal. Once you know where your G-spot is, go about 2 inches past there. There’s a ridge where the back of the bladder bumps up against the top of the cervix. That’s where your A-spot is located. 

Now, there’s some debate as to whether or not this is a real thing. Like the G-spot, there’s no medical proof about its existence as an erogenous zone, but here’s the thing. It hasn’t been disproven either. There are very few studies done on female pleasure or anatomy in relation to female pleasure (go figure), so we don’t actually have that data at all. But ask people with vulvas. Listen to people with vulvas. They will tell you that there is a point, near where the A-spot is proposed to be, that is of a softer silkier texture and can be absolutely euphoric when stimulated properly. What scientists DO know is that stimulating this area creates much more lubrication than any other female erogenous zone and is known to help with vaginal dryness. It’s also been linked with easing painful sex because its arousal has a calming effect on its owner. It’s thought to be a part of the clit which is a LOT bigger than the notorious bean you flick for jollies. What IS agreed upon is that this calming effect and arousal create the perfect storm for an orgasm. But can it actually cause one on its own? That depends.

A Range of Reactions

The A-spot, like its G- and C- counterparts, is different for everyone. Clitoral stimulation may make a complete mess out of your sheets, but for others, it’s just meh. Having the G-spot fingered may feel nice to one person but could cause someone else to roll their eyes back from life-changing pleasure. Similarly, the A-spot, thought to be a nerve cluster, delivers 20-second earth-shattering orgasms that cause some people to rethink their entire sexual existence. For others, it’s just a relaxing massage. All of this is okay.

Go Sexploring

So how do we check to see how our body responds to the arousal of this legendary zone? If it’s just you, use your fingers. Seriously. There are a million articles on the G-spot. Find that, and then venture back a little further. Whereas the G-spot is nubbly like a walnut, the A-spot is super smooth. If you bump into your cervix, you are super close, but come back down just a little. You’ll know it when you feel it. If you are with a partner, you can instruct them to do the same with their fingers until they get there. 

Once you’ve found the A-spot, arousal is simple. Sliding your finger in and out while going deeper will get the juices flowing. There are also a number of sexual positions you can try that really hit the spot. Literally.

Best Positions for the A

Doggy Style perfectly positions the receiving vulva owner as does the missionary position. The missionary position works even better if the receiver puts their legs over the shoulders of the penetrating partner. Doing this move shortens the vaginal canal, making the A-spot more accessible. 

Another position is the reverse cowgirl. Have the receiving partner mount the penetrating partner and lean forward. The penetrating partner should be laying on their back with their legs out in front of them. 

Putting the A in A-nal

A surprising position that is also the most effective at hitting the A-spot is having anal sex. Because of how the A-spot is positioned in the body, it’s largely accessible via anal because of the pressure against the backside of the vaginal wall. If you have ever heard rave reviews of anal pleasure from vulva owners, now you know why. A good way to experience this with your partner is to use the Together Couples Vibrator to maximize the enjoyment. Using this toy for anal play certainly comes with its learning curves, but it’s well worth it. Being intentional in learning new ways to orgasm can be incredibly intimate, and you can up the ante with this vibrator because of its unique features. Using the echo function, you can feel your partner’s arousal. When they squeeze internally on their end of the toy, your end vibrates, and vice versa. Additionally, there are twin ticklers. Whether you are facing each other during sex, trying anal bum-to-bum, or sharing the experience by embracing your partner from behind, you can feel the added stimulation on your clitoris or anus.

The A-spot doesn’t have to be a myth or a legend. A little bit of probing can make it your reality, and if you’re anything like millions of women, you’ve felt that spot long before you knew it had a name or what that name was. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a little self-exploration so get in there and do some digging.