What does it mean to be a female exhibitionist? - Pleasure Guide, a blog by Together Vibes

What does it mean to be a female exhibitionist?

What does it mean to be a female exhibitionist? - Pleasure Guide, a blog by Together Vibes


So, you like the tawdry thrill of teasing a tinge of cheeky teat? You’re not alone. Female exhibitionism is a thing and its roots go back further than you think. Whether you like to tease your partner, or simply feel the sun where it doesn’t normally shine, female exhibitionism has a lane for you.


Female exhibitionism is not a recent kink. It’s been traced as far back as ancient grecian times when flashing tits was normcore and arenas were still a thing. It was recorded from the 1500s up until modern day times like Woodstock, Freaknik, Bonnaroo, and last weekend at some random bar on a random street in Whereverville, USA.

The thing is, female exhibitionism has a bad rep and for good reason. There are two kinds of exhibitionism.

THE GOOD KIND: Flashing yourself for fun or with consent from known people. Mardi Gras boobs for beads, and a fur flash for your partner at a Ted talk are good examples.

THE BAD KIND: Exposing your hoohah to get a rise out of people. Twisting nips at Sunday service, or mooning a schoolyard are the paths to deviance. 

We’re only here to talk about the good kind, because there’s something titillating about knowing a really hot girl can see your nips… and won’t stop looking. 


Female exhibitionism is in a lane of its own. Outside of the legal system, most people see it very differently from male exhibitionism. For one, it’s not seen as inherently violent or even threatening. People of all genders tend to appreciate a nude female body; so much so, that female flashers are rarely reported. And flashing isn’t the only way to show off your goods.

You can dangle your bits in many ways for it to count as female exhibitionism. Most people are aware of flashing tits, but you can also be a skirt lifter. Showing a little muff or mound with no panties for brief moment puts you in the qualifiers, as well as flashing your partner’s genitals instead of yours, mooning, streaking, taking/posting pics, taking pics of your nude reflection, sexting, and even phone sex. And yes, bumping uglies in public is absolutely classified as female exhibitionism. In every case, the thrill of being exposed is what causes the “rush” or turn on. 


Now that you know what constitutes female exhibitionism, think about how to incorporate it into your sexual play. As always, the first thing you should do is have the conversation with your partner.

You can send dirty pics to each other randomly, or even upgrade to short 5-second videos. Maybe you want her to show you a little nip at brunch or sneak off to the back of a store for a quick finger job. Other ways include inviting your fave voyeur over to watch you play with your partner or creating an account where you can webcam with watchers or even start a channel.


There are so many ways to release your inner female exhibitionist and the easiest way to start is to just show ‘em what you got!