Together™ Pleasure Guides: Breaking down the technological breakthrough, the Echo Function.

Breaking Down the Technological Breakthrough, The Echo Function

Together™ Pleasure Guides: Breaking down the technological breakthrough, the Echo Function.
There are many products on the market that boast a multitude of functions. Different functions are designed to excite your nerve endings in different ways. Some are to slowly escalate your arousal while others can offer a rollercoaster-like state of arousal, bringing the user up and down rapidly.

The Echo Function was designed to allow users to enjoy intimate, personal pleasure at its maximum potential. The strength of this function is measured by the engagement of the partner and vise versa. We believe this to be a huge advancement in the pleasure products industry as there are no other items that harness this technology.

Letting you feel the arousal of your partner, the Echo Function will sense changes in pressure on either end of the Together Couples' Vibrator, and change the vibration intensity on the other end to match it. So, as your partner reaches orgasm, the vibrations on your side of the toy, including the rabbit ears, intensify. Maximizing the sensation internally and externally.

Because the contraction of muscles naturally escalates coinciding with arousal, this function reacts to the change in pressure and notifies your partner by increasing the vibration of the end penetrating them.

Though the intention of the Echo Function was designed to offer real-time feedback from one partner to another, this function is also great to use during solo play. When a clitoral device such as a bullet is used, the users' natural reaction to clench is something that is unintentionally done with their hand as well. In doing so, the intensity of the vibration from the toy to the body part intended for is actually reduced as a majority of the vibration is now distributed more to the hand that is squeezing tight, rather than the body. Unlike other stimulating devices that one might hold in their hand to use reducing the intended sensation, squeezing this device adds sensation. Rather than having to concentrate on finding buttons to cycle your device to a higher vibration, you simply squeeze and enjoy!

Whether you are using Together Couples' Vibrator with a partner or for solo masturbation, we believe the echo function will provide endless excitement, allowing users the ability to have multiple orgasms.