Together™ Pleasure Guides: The complete guide to having sex in a bathtub

The Complete Guide to Having Sex in a Bathtub

Together™ Pleasure Guides: The complete guide to having sex in a bathtub

Seeing someone that you’re sexually attracted to naked and dripping wet is a vision that will arouse you every time that you think about it. Sharing an intimate moment in a bathtub or shower will be even more of a memorable moment, and there are ways that you can prepare to make it an exceptionally unforgettable experience.

Just like sex in general, the most important thing to know is that it is meant to be enjoyable so don’t stress out! And there’s no better place to relax than in a bathtub. The complete guide to having sex in a bathtub that we’ve put together is intended to give you ideas to consider, in order to make your experience feel as seamless as bathtub sex looks like in the movies.

Why sex in a bathtub?

If you’re curious about bathtub but are wondering how it’s done, and how to do it safely in particular, then rest assured that it can be done — and it can be an extremely sexy experience.

Taking a steamy bath or shower together allows couples to experience a range of sensations with one another. There’s that personal look inside your partner’s habits when you see them wash up as they do as part of their daily routine. There’s the visual treat, as we mentioned, of seeing your partner’s body glistening wet, and then, of course, there’s the opportunity to get very physical.

Along with feeling the sensation of your partner’s wet skin against yours, you’ll both delight in the warmness of the water, the tickling of the soap or bubble bath suds, and the stimulating aromas of your favorite soaps, essential oils or candles that you set up — which leads us to our first tip for enjoying sex in a bathtub…

Set the Scene

Before any kind of sexy time — whether alone or with a partner — setting the mood can really enhance the experience. Light some candles, play some sexy tunes, grab some bubble bath if you’re using a bathtub and get the water running.

Don’t forget to set out any sex toys that you plan on using! If you’re going to have sex in a bathtub, then make sure that the sex toys that you’re using are waterproof and safe to submerge in water. Otherwise, you’ll want to stick to splash-proof for the shower. The Together Couples' Vibrator is perfect for having sex in a bathtub, plus it’s made especially for couples. It is IPX7 certified, which means that it can be completely submerged in water.

Essential Oils

There have been studies that show that being more aware of the scents that surround you can improve your sexual pleasure. When you’re having sex in a bathtub or shower, you can heighten your senses with the help of essential oils.

Whether you want to create a relaxing sensation with a little lavender oil or want to perk up the energy in the room with some zest citrus scent, essential oils can take your experience to the next level. They’re also often conveniently included in fun, fizzy bath bombs, and some body washes. Scented candles can also enhance your bath-time rendezvous.

Water Level & Temperature

The perfect sex-in-a-bathtub experience starts with the water. Most people don’t hop into an empty tub because the pleasant feels start when you step into a waiting warm bath.

To get the right temperature, start with hot water, and then switch to cool water until you find a temperature that is comfortable for you and your partner. You can then make the water hotter or colder once you’re in the tub based on how you’re feeling.

Filling up the bathtub before being in it can be tricky because it depends on how big the tub is and how big you and your partner are. To be on the safe side, and to prevent water from spilling over and making a mess, fill up the tub about halfway before stepping into it. It’s better to have less water than more water, in order to prevent it from splashing out of the tub.

Use lube!

Just because you’re in water doesn’t mean that you should rely on it for sexual lubrication. Use a hybrid or a silicone lubricant to get your intimate areas slippery wet for sex in the bathtub.

Apply the lube on any toys that will be used internally, such as your Together Couples' Vibrator, which can be used for pleasurable penetration for you and your partner.

Sex Positions

Sex in the bathtub or shower can be done in many satisfying experiences. In a bathtub, you may be able to lie on your back if it’s big enough or you may be able to straddle your partner or have sex in the doggystyle position.

In the shower, you can experiment with sex in standing positions or also get down on the floor and try reclining positions. The sensation of water showering down on your bodies will enhance the experience.

And of course, when you include the Together Couples' Vibrator, you’ll enjoy the effortless dual stimulation from its powerful motors and unique Echo function! It’s basically the best friend of bathtub sex.

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Now that you’ve got the complete guide to having sex in a bathtub, it’s time to dirty while getting clean.