Daily Sex: Is It Good For You? - by Pleasure Guide, a blog by Together Vibes

Daily Sex: Is It Good For You?

Daily Sex: Is It Good For You? - by Pleasure Guide, a blog by Together Vibes

Too much sex?

Should we be getting busy every day? Yes, and while there are some genuine concerns about getting too happy with your humping, experts say daily sex keeps us and our relationships in ship shape. Before we get into why you should be going for the gold every day, specifically, let’s talk about what “having sex” means. For some, it boils down to penis-in-vagina sex. For others, it includes anything that leads up to sex, like kissing, fingering, and oral stimulation. For those outside of heteronormativity, sex can include any number of body parts, toys, and orifices. While all of this is sexual in nature, the majority of studies mean penis-in-vagina sex, but for the purpose of this article, we will refer to sex as anything that comes to a head with an orgasm.

First off, not everyone is having sex every day. Quite the contrary, the majority of our coital comrades are not getting lucky daily and are instead relying on solo nooky for their orgasms so don’t feel left out of the conversation if you can’t remember the last time you swung from a chandelier.


Getting to know the ins and outs

Let’s look at why having daily sex is ideal. First, practice makes perfect. The more you blow, the more you know. The more sex you have, the more you know what you like, and you get to your orgasms hotter and faster. This, in turn, raises your libido so that you desire even more sex. This might be the best life cycle for anyone who enjoys sex! 


Finding your “OH-m”

Another reason to have daily sex is that it can calm your nerves. There are tons of studies that show how sex can reduce anxiety and lower stress hormones in your body. The process of sex from initial excitement to post-coital glow releases a range of chemicals that basically get you high off your own supply. From oxytocin to dopamine, to serotonin and norepinephrine, your body gives you a bespoke cocktail of happy that puts you in a good mood, helps you sleep and can actually relieve physical pain. Some of these chemicals act like opioids in your brain and can completely get rid of headaches or menstrual cramps. A side effect, of a side effect, is that by lowering the cortisol and adrenaline in your body that stress you out, daily sex defaults to being very good for your heart, and even better for depressive episodes so bump as many uglies as you want.


On could 9, 7 days a week

Of course, these are all the things that happen inside your body, but there are other positives of daily sex that happen in our relationships that will really get you randy for another round. For example, those chemicals we talked about? Your partner gets them too, and when you have them simultaneously, it causes you to have a greater bond, be more affectionate and establish more trust between you. We usually see this at the beginning of relationships, but it’s sustained via erogenous play. These sex highs can last for a couple of days each time, so you have the option to never run out. 

Also, remember we talked about how practice makes perfect? This happens individually, meaning that your partner is experiencing that exact same increase in libido, and orgasms. Between the two of you, daily sex means there is enhanced arousal: stronger schlongs and juicier coochies. And as you might know by now, this gets the bangin’ sangin’. And again, this happens individually, so feel free to tug your own boat even more.


Listen to your body

Of course, there are some things to consider about daily sex that are not what we really want to hear. If you get it popping too much, you run the risk of chafing. Not only does this feel like your skin hates you, but it can actually lead to raw open wounds that are ripe for infection, and there’s nothing sexy about that. You will also need to consider recovery time. There’s a lot of information and emphasis on prepping for sex, but some acts need serious down time. If you were going hard in the paint, you might need to relax for a few days. Your inner tissue needs time to heal, and no matter which hole received some amorous aggression, you want to avoid the injuries that could come from not taking a few days’ break from sex.

The truth is, though, that sex is a choose-your-own-adventure situation. You get to define what sex is for you, what you like (or don’t), how often, and with (or without) whom. Whether you choose to have daily sex is completely up to you. Yes the pros FAR outweigh the cons, but it’s also okay if you just don’t want to have a lot of sex. Overall, daily diddlers aren’t THAT much happier than folks who frolic less frequently, and even though regular sex can improve your immune system, a little too much monkeying around can have the opposite effect. So do you (and/or your partner) if and when you see fit.