Together™ Pleasure Guides: Everything you need to know about solo & mutual masturbation

Everything You Need To Know About Solo & Mutual Masturbation

Together™ Pleasure Guides: Everything you need to know about solo & mutual masturbation

There’s one way to improve your pleasure in bed, and that’s through solo and mutual masturbation.

Masturbation often gets a bad reputation. It’s usually seen as something that you would never want to get caught doing — starting from around the time that you’re a teenager in high school exploring with your body. You’ll often hear jokes about masturbation and the assumption that you’re somehow lacking by exploring sex alone. This couldn’t be further from the truth because great sex actually starts with how well you know your body!

Solo masturbation can help you learn how you like to be touched in the bedroom, and when you recognize what you want in the bedroom, you’re likely to feel more comfortable sharing those desires with your partner … and then that’s when the magic happens in the bedroom.

Why is solo masturbation good for you?

Besides the pleasurable feelings of being sexually stimulated, and how it improves your experiences with a partner, solo masturbation can have a number of positive side effects. Masturbation can help reduce stress and to release tension. After a solo masturbation session, you’ll be in a state of relaxation that can help you to enjoy better sleep. Solo masturbation can also boost your mood and concentration, alleviate pain, and more.

What is mutual masturbation?

Mutual masturbation can be similar to solo masturbation — meaning that you could enjoy a masturbation session with a partner during which you each keep your hands to yourself, and allow the other to watch all of the action. Using your hands (and also your favorite toys) on your partner and vice versa can is also another fun way to explore mutual masturbation. There is no wrong way to touch yourself and your partner (with their consent) during mutual masturbation, and it can be an excellent learning experience as you get to show your partner exactly how you like it! And in exchange, you pick up some new tricks for pleasing them. 

Initiating Mutual Masturbation

Because there is a lot of shame surrounding masturbation, it’s always important to discuss it beforehand. Talk about what you can do to make the experience more comfortable for you and your partner. Discuss likes and dislikes, what you’d like the setting to be like, and any other details to sexy fantasies that can make this an experience that you and your partner will look forward to.

Set the Mood

Whether you’re getting ready for solo or mutual masturbation, setting the mood could help make the experience so much better. Set up a romantic scene by dimming the lights, and turning on some candles. Layout your favorite, most comfortable pillows, and sheets. Play some sexy tunes that’ll inspire some sexy moves. You may even want to dress up for the special occasion by putting on your sexiest outfit.

Setting the mood can help you ease up any tension and may even turn you on! Once you’re in the right headspace, you’ll feel free to indulge in the pleasure of the experience.

Use Toys

You don’t have to just rely on your hands to do all the sexy work! Pleasure products like vibrators, dildos, or strokers, and other intimate accessories can be used to add more stimulation. The Together Couples' Vibrator is perfect for both solo and mutual masturbation because of its many one-of-a-kind features such as its unique “W” shape that provides internal stimulation to both partners. The Together Couples' Vibrator also has its unique Echo Function that allows one partner to feel the arousal of the other partner!

Together is also great for solo masturbation. Its curved shape makes it easy to handle; and with the squeeze of the external arm, it activates the vibration of the arm for internal stimulation.

Communication Is Key

Solo and mutual masturbation could be an excellent tool for improving your sexual intimacy. Don’t feel embarrassed to share the preferences that you discovered that you have during masturbation. During mutual masturbation, you can use communication to make the experience even hotter through dirty talk. Verbally tell your partner what you’re doing — note how you’re touching yourself — is it a stroke? A tap? A circular touch? Rubbing? Describe the sensations that you’re feeling and that’s sure to turn up the excitement. 

Take It to the Edge

Another fun experiment to try during solo and mutual masturbation is “edging.” This is when you masturbate until the point to when you feel that you are about to explode (aka orgasm) and then you back off. The teasing might drive some people crazy, but the orgasm that builds up will be worth the sexy torment. Of course, sex isn’t all about the orgasm but it definitely is one of its benefits. Some experts even recommend edging to individuals that have trouble with orgasms; edging could help to build the desire to orgasm.


Solo and mutual masturbation could be a fulfilling experience in so many ways! Give it a chance and start to own the power that is your pleasure.