How to Clean and Maintain Your Together™ Toy - Pleasure Guide by Together™

How to Clean and Maintain Your Together Toy

How to Clean and Maintain Your Together™ Toy - Pleasure Guide by Together™

There is no shortage of excuses for why you forgot to wash your Together Vibe — after the monumental orgasms that you experience while using it alone or with a partner, you might simply forget or feel too lazy. Perhaps you’re not super-comfortable with the aftermath of a healthy sex romp. No matter what the reason, eventually you’re going to have to clean your Together Vibe.

Unlike the pile of dirty dishes that might pile up in your sink until you have no choice but to wash them, your sex toys are most often kept hidden somewhere, leaving them without the TLC that they require. According to a study from 2009, 14 percent of women said that they had actually never cleaned their vibrators — before or after using them. Please don’t be a part of this statistic!

Keeping your Together Vibe clean is a must. Failing to do so could result in infections — particularly if you’re sharing the toy with a partner. If you’ve avoided cleaning your toys because you think it’s too complicated of a task, then we’re going to make it really simple for you to understand. Here are hows and whys for keeping your Together Vibe clean:

Why you should keep your Together Vibe clean

As we mentioned above, not cleaning your pleasure products could lead to infections that are caused by bacteria that can stay on a toy after it’s been used. Because Together Vibe is made from body-safe, nonporous silicone, it isn’t as easy for germs to penetrate and remain on the toy compared to lower-quality toys. Nevertheless, you want to always wash your toys after you’ve done the deed, especially when it’s with a partner.

By keeping your toy clean, you will avoid bacterial and yeast infections, and even STIs — which can be passed through a shared toy. Another important tip for avoiding the spread of infections is to not cross-contaminate your Together Vibe — meaning that once you’ve inserted an end of the toy into the anus, it cannot enter the vagina.

Choosing the right cleaning product

When it comes to deciding what cleaning supplies you’ll need to wash up your sex toy, you have a couple of options. In general, how you clean a toy depends on what it is made out of — for example, some non-vibrating toys such as those made from solid, nonporous material like glass, steel and even medical-grade silicone can even be placed in a dishwasher to be cleaned. This is only the case for non-vibrating toys that are made from the aforementioned materials, however. Vibrators — including the Together Vibe — are not dishwasher safe, but still can be cleaned just as easily.

To clean a vibrating silicone vibe like the Together toy, all you really need is good old soap and water — ideally, you should a basic antibacterial soap that you’ll typically find next to your bathroom sink. You should avoid oil-based soap to clean your silicone toys, because it may cause the toy’s material to break down. To make cleaning even easier, the Together Vibe is IPX7 certified, which means it can be safely submerged completely underwater without the risk of damaging your toy.

You can also use one of the several water-based toy cleaners that are available for sale from your favorite adult retailer. These cleaners often work with a simple spray or pump of product onto your toy, letting it sit for a few seconds and then rinsing it.

How to clean your Together Vibe

For the cleanest clean, use antibacterial soap to scrub your Together Vibe for about a minute and a half. To rinse it, you can submerge the toy into water to rinse off the soap. When you’re finished, simply pat the toy dry using a clean towel.

If you don’t happen to be near a sink, you can also wipe down your Together toy using a damp cloth and some antibacterial soap.

How often should you clean your Together Vibe?

You should definitely wash your Together Vibe after every use! Make it habit, and never go to sleep with a used toy going un-cleaned. Additionally, you might even want to clean it before every use as well. Even though you may have cleaned your Together toy right before you put it away, there may be a chance that it has came into contact with dust, lint and maybe dirt. Just to be on the safe side, you may also want to give your Together Vibe a little rinse before you indulge in it.

Keep your Together™ Toy away from oils, perfumes, cosmetics, and direct sunlight

How to store your Together Vibe

Once your Together Vibe is nice and tidy, it’s time to tuck it away. If you saved the box that the toy came in, you can store it in there; or alternatively, you can use anything that is sealable to keep away any unwanted germs and dirt particles. Then you can store it anywhere in your home, but keep it away from oils, perfumes and other beauty products that could spill and damage your toy.

While it’s understandable to feel ready for a nap after an explosive orgasm, think about the next one that you’ll want to enjoy … get ready for it, and keep your body safe, by taking just a few minutes for clean-up.